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This team of intercessors pray for the pastors or guest ministers while they are delivering the Word on Sunday mornings. They pray that the minister would be sensitive to the Spirit's leading, that they would preach the unadulterated Word with boldness and that signs and wonders would follow. They also pray for the congregation that their hearts would be ready to receive and respond to the Word. Prayer requests from Pastor Farina are also lifted up at this time. The group is typically broken up into teams of four, with each team on duty one Sunday of the month. Intercessors are encouraged to fast on their scheduled Sunday. Every fifth Sunday, all of the teams come together to intercede for the ministry and for one another.

Early Morning Prayer Consists of Faith Believing Intercessors that meet at Calvary's administrative reception area every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 6-7AM. The team considers this to be the "Trauma Center" Emergency Room where they can intercede and believe God to do the miraculous on behalf of Calvary’s church body. The team also prays for the community, church leaders and specific prayer request that come in via the Internet. Lastly, the team fasts and prays for the salvation of friends and families. 

We make room for the church family who are available during the day from 12 - 1pm, Monday - Friday, to come together to spend time in personal prayer and also to lift up to God the daily prayer requests that come into the church office. Acts 3:1 says, "They went up together to pray at the hour of prayer."

We gather together on the fourth Friday of every month with the church family, starting at 10:30pm, to spend the night in an intimate time with God in worship, in the Word and in prayer. We worship the Father, lift all the prayer needs of the church family and make time to hear from Him in the quietness of the night. He is always Faithful to meet with us and to minister to us. This ministry is open to all the church family who have a longing to spend some private time in prayer and intimacy with God, even for an hour. We always leave His presence BLESSED!" Luke 6:12 says, "Now it came to pass in those days that Jesus went to pray and continued all night in prayer to God."

Prayer chain members pray for the daily needs and special prayers requested by the Calvary family and the extended family.

Submit a Prayer Request Online
Submit a Prayer Request Online

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The mission of the Calvary Counseling Center is to offer Christ-centered counseling and eternal hope to the broken-hearted, homes, marriages, and families and to empower the same to seek and achieve the highest potential available in and through Christ. The authority of the Word of God, the spiritual essence of our church family and our love for the lost world are our foundations. We are professionally and spiritually committed to serve those sent to us by the Lord with Christian dedication, integrity and compassion.

The Calvary Counseling Center is a place where you can receive Biblical counseling. Dr. Ahia, along with the other counselors that work with him, believe that the Word of God is the complete and sufficient basis for bringing rest to those who are weary and burdened with spiritual, emotional, personal and professional problems/issues.

We can help! Depression | Anxiety | Youth / Family | Anger / Stress Management | Addictions / Obsessions | Employment Issues / Needs | Couples / Marital Issues | Relationship Conflicts / Needs

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Romans 10:13 "For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved." “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” And how important is a first impression to those who give their lives to Jesus Christ for the first time? That is by far one of the most important times in the life of a new believer. They have many questions. They are feeling all sorts of unexplainable emotions. Life, as they knew it, is now completely different. Those who are a part of Calvary’s Alter Care Ministry have the awesome task of imparting critical foundational truths into the lives of those first-time believers, providing basic direction that will assist them in developing a vital relationship with Jesus. The team represents the Lord and Calvary Full Gospel Church by showing the compassion and love of Christ, while attempting to make a life-changing first impression for Jesus.

Billy Donnelly, clean and sober since 1991, gave his heart to Jesus in 1996. He has been the director of Addictions Victorious Calvary Full Gospel Church since 2007. Billy is married and has 2 daughters and one granddaughter. The Christian 12 step program is designed to help free anyone from the bondages of addictions. AV helps people overcome their everyday problems, fears, and addictive behaviors. All are welcome to come, those with addictions as well as the family and friends that love and support them.