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COVID - 19 Update from Pastor

COVID - 19 Update from Pastor

March 19, 2020

A Letter From Pastor:

As a church, we have been carefully monitoring the evolving COVID-19 (Corona Virus) situation through the CDC and local health authorities. We will continue to make decisions that honor God and show respect to our President and our local authorities. As a result, all of this week’s in-person activities at Calvary have been cancelled.

Therefore, the following decisions have been made honoring those in authority while maintaining our Christian Testimony:

1. Last week’s ‪Wednesday Night‬ Service, March 11th, was held at Calvary without change.
2. Our ‪Sunday Morning‬ Service, March 15th, was also held at Calvary with no change in structure. Both of these services were live at Calvary and were also streamed.
3. This week, our ‪Wednesday Night‬ Service will only be available by live stream. Pastor Farina will share a message to the Calvary Family and give further updates as to future services.
4. Also, as of this date, it appears that our Sunday Service will only be available by live stream.

These streamed services will be available to you at calvaryfullgospel.org/live and on Facebook.

These decisions are made not out of fear but rather, the following:
1. Will our decision honor God?
2. Is our decision consistent with our Christian Testimony?
3. What is best for our Church Family?
4. Are we supporting those in authority, responsible for the well-being of our Country and its people?

We will continue in prayer seeking God’s wisdom and will inform you of further decisions during this crisis.

We continue to pray God’s blessing and favor upon your life.

We love you.
Pastor Farina

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